Friday, August 12, 2016

Gen 1 ch 7

 "Hey my beautiful crescent moon....."

 "I know you're tired, but I don't want this night to end yet. Watch the stars with me?"

 "Sure." she smiles, and my heart skips. Is it warm in here?

 After Xi rejected me I thought my life was over, that I would not be able to build a life with anyone else. This sim next to me, my wife, is casting the light of new possibilities into my life. I might not only be comfortable, but be happy and It's a chance I don't deserve, but I'm going to take it anyway.

And so I begin by telling her the names of the constellations I learned from my parents as a child.......

 And she tells me amusing stories of her adventures at sea........

 ....We end up in an enclosed room this time.........

 Attempt to conceive #2........

 I make sure she enjoys herself.

 Falling asleep for the entire night with someone is a new experience for me. It feels strange, but its not bad. I'll get used to it.


I want to stay in bed with my wife and have my tongue memorize her curves, but I have too much to do. I need to find Xi. Ziyi is my child, I want to have a part in raising her.......... without Tasha knowing for now. It's too soon, if I tell her about Ziyi, she may dissolve the Bond and into the livestock feeds I go. Maybe Tasha would forgive me, but I relied on "maybe" with Xi and ultimately it nearly got me killed. I'll find a way to tell her about everything after I'm secure on the island with a child or two on my lap.
Transferring my assets to Tasha will take half the day, and the other half will be spent looking through the catacombs trying to find a life fruit.
She didn't say it, but I believe the main reason for her reluctance was my age. I have to find a way to keep my looks and stamina, at least until she catches up to me. And then if I have time, I need to harvest every other plant I can find to transplant to the island.

It's going to be a busy 24 hours.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gen 1, ch6 p2

"Bao Louie of Shang Simla, upon final rejection of your suite by your Matron, you will have the honor to be used as nourishment for Our livestock. Any last thoughts will be recorded now."
"......I have none Great Lords."
"Understood. Your atomization and restructuring will be preformed one second after formal rejection  is verbalized."
There is a feeling of intense heat in my head for a fleeting second. The Lords are so sure she's going to reject me they've disabled my implants. I can't stop shaking. Food. For animals. I'll be food. For animals......

I spend the time until dawn redoubling my efforts to convince her. 

It looks as if I've failed.

"Listen Bao....."

"You're a very handsome man, I'm sure you'll find some sim who will cherish you."

"I'm sorry Bao,but I choose--"

It was the only thing I could think to do. I pour my entire self into it. Respond to me, please.

She does. Thank the Lords, she does.

"Who do you choose, Tasha?"

"You Bao Louie. I choose you."

"You won't regret this, I promise."


"Ready beautiful?" I fight to keep my hands steady and my voice calm and happy. I'm not safe until we're Bound.

"I, Bao Louie, do swear in the Sight and Hearing of Our Great Lords the Astros to be Bound to you, to obey and support you in all ways until the sun sets on my last Day."

"I, Tasha Williams, do swear in the Sight and Hearing of Our Great Lords the Astros to be Bound to you, to protect and provide for you and our progeny until the sun sets on my last Day."

I pour all my joy and relief into this kiss. With this, I won't become fodder for livestock. My relief is so great I can barely catch my breath.

"Hello Mr. Williams."
"Hello Mrs. Williams."

"There's just one more thing left to do."
I look at her. "What is it?"

Not that I'm complaining, but, "What if someone sees?"

"Who cares?"

Not- - oh dear Lords, she's so- - shit!

I want more- - give me more.

Yes! Fuck!!

I want to go deeper.

I cum yelling at the top of my lungs. Here's to the first of many attempts to have a child.

We're both fully dressed before I look outside and realize....."Did we really- - ?"

"Yes, we did...." my beautiful, amazing wife answers.

"We literally fucked the entire day away." She sounds as amazed as I feel.

And I laugh into a sunset I didn't think I would see.

It's been eight months since I last posted a chapter, sorry! I'm not sure where the time went. I really want to tell this story, so I will endeavor to update more than twice a year. Really. I will.

Gen 1 Chapter 6 pt 1

 "Tasha Williams?"

 "Hello, I'm Bao Louie. It's nice to meet you."
 I blink. Whoa.
Wow, he's good looking. Really good looking. Drop dead gorgeous even.
From what Li told me, I expected an uptight stick in the mud in traditional garb with a terrible haircut. The sim in front of me is completely different from my expectations. I'm interested. Despite such a schism in my preformed opinion and the sim in front of me, I......I want.......

Oh no.

 " Please excuse us, Zhan. "

He's firm but not rude. I like that.

"I'm sorry I have to go. Dancing and talking with you has been wonderful. I really enjoyed it."
And that's the truth.  Unfortunate that Zhan no longer has the appeal he once did. This is terrible. I'll no longer be able to evaluate Bao objectively. What am I going to do?

 "I really enjoyed your company too. I know we didn't have alot of time but.....pick me. I think we vibe well together. I'm just entering Young Adulthood, and I'll work hard with you to build a House great enough to join the Astros on Aylin. Think about that. Real freedom for our children and grandchildren. I have a plan that will work, all you have to do is get rid of that old man. If you agree, I'll be in the Scholar's Garden at dawn. I hope you'll meet me there. Goodbye."

Ha! An offer! Check me out, I didn't have to try much at all! This lessens the pressure on me to choose Bao because of time restraints, thank goodness. I sigh in relief and inhale Bao's amazing cologne.  I swallow and try to stay cool.

"Allow me to apologize for being so late."
His voice is deep and smooth, his manner polished and confident. Where is the stick-in-the-mud Traditionalist Li told me about? Did they plan this together? If so, I don't like it.

"The road leading from the graveyard was washed away by a mudslide, and getting around through the mountain pass was difficult."

I can't quite gauge whether or not he's lying. It did rain and hail very hard for a couple of hours today, but hard enough for a road to wash out? I never included the graveyard in my explorations because that was too depressing for me. I can't call him out on anything he's telling me......

"Let's sit over there in a quiet corner and I'll explain all the reasons you should choose me, and not the boy."

 "Xi, what are they doing?"
"Going to the other side of the club."

 "So....." I begin, then look at him again. My mouth is suddenly dry, and I glance away for a second before I force myself to look at him again.
Okay Tasha, breathe. You didn't expect him to be stunning, but he is. It doesn't matter. Who you marry is extremely important. Too important to decide without a clear head. Get a grip in 3,2,1...

" say I should choose you over Zhan. Why? He's ambitious, intelligent- - "

"And inexperienced. It's easy for someone who hasn't been exposed to the harshness of life to be ambitious. He has grand plans sure, but no idea of the amount of work it will take simply to lay the foundation of that plan. I've watched Zhan grow, and I'm glad to see the he's becoming a good man."

Fair enough Bao.

"It's a wonderful dream, putting your grandkids on Ayelin, but we both know that's all it'll ever be. Building a House like that takes five generations, not five decades...... assuming that's what you want."

He's right. "Getting on Ayelin is extremely difficult, but that doesn't exclude Zhan as a viable choice for me, and besides, "

"What makes you think I don't want to put my descendants on the rocketship to the Land of Moonlight and Immortality?"

"Do you?"


Bao leans forward, giving me a very nice view of his chest. I stop myself from licking my lips and again focus on his face.
"Don't waste your time considering someone who's moving in the opposite direction. I can help you build your House. Sure I'm an Adult, but I have plenty of time left. I'm offering you a chance female sims rarely get: to direct your House the way you want, to have your children bear your name."

"That point keeps reiterating itself. I'm a little tired of hearing it." I move closer to Bao so open ears can't hear our conversation, or so I tell myself.
"It keeps coming back to you because its unheard of."
"I know that. It's still annoying." I say and sit down. I resist the urge to move closer."Tell me what else you can offer me."

"I'm a certified level 10 farmer, level 5 fisher, level 7 cook.  I'm very neat. I'm a quick study and very flexible. It will not take me long to adapt to my new home and marriage."
"I'm not so sure about that," I say and frown, "according to what I heard, you are a traditional sim."
"People say I'm traditional?"

"I used to be, yes. But what has following the ancient tenets brought me? A lonely bed in a drafty house. I stuck to my ideals while everyone else did what they had to to get who they wanted. It's late, but I finally learned that lesson- - "
"Oh, I don't think you've learned that lesson," I mock, "I think you're desperate." I poke him purposely.

Bao was silent, lips thinned, for an entire minute. Is he angry? Good. Maybe he'll make me angry and get rid of the annoying twisting and fluttering in my stomach.

But no. Instead he gives me a long appraisal, starting at my heels and slowly flowing upwards. When his eyes meet mine there's a glimmer of something, banked and controlled. I have to fight not to fidget.

"Yes." he says, his eyes holding mine, "But so are you. You're all alone on that island, you need help, and you have limited time to get it. That doesn't mean we can't work."

"I can cook, clean, fish, and farm as I've stated before. You don't have to take the time to train me like you would have to with Zhan. I understand it would only be the two of us. I can function well in solitude. I'm in peak physical condition, and even though I'm an Adult, I look damn good. I have great genes. The two of us will make smart, athletic, gorgeous children who will use what resources they have to get what they want, because we're going to teach them how."

"Marriage is about two sims willing to work hard together to achieve their dreams. Your dream is to build a House, or you would not be here. Mine is to have children. Our goals are very compatible, the rest we can work on. We don't have traits that clash against each other, or our Lords would not have suggested the match to begin with.We will be great together Tasha, because we will be dedicated to making it great."

"Oh? I guess the club is closing."
"This is the end of our date," Bao's voice softly caresses me in the darkness, "What will you do?"
That's the problem, I don't know. Bao would be great choice, but he's so old. Zhan may be inexperienced, but that can be worked on, and I felt a genuine attraction to him. But, if I chose Bao, I'd get to keep my power as head of my House. As Zhan's wife I'd have no choice and no say in how he went about realizing his ambitions. Putting my family on Ayelin is in the opposite direction I want to go, and I'm not sure I can deter Zhan......
"I'm not inclined to end our date yet. Where can we go for a little privacy?" I ask Bao.
"The Scholar's Garden is deserted this time of night."
I smile. even though he cant really see me. "I'll meet you there. I want a little breather before we resume our discussion."
"Alright." Bao agrees, sounding hopeful "I'll see you there."

I wish I knew whether or not I'll crush his hopes.