Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Gen 1 Chapter 4

    Well...I'm here.

Wow. It's so and sprawling. There's so much walking space...I'm going to cover every inch I can while I'm here. I can't wait, but first I have business the Astros want me to complete.

According to the map and data the Astros loaded to my phone, I was supposed to meet to meet their Representative, Wu Xio, in the Plum Blossom corner of the market district an hour ago. I should go. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gen 1 Chapter 3

 After my disaster of an adventure ended and the water receded, I had enough funds saved to build some walls and a floor aboveground.

 I admit that this gesture is probably useless, but it's better than doing nothing. At the very least, it will be harder for the Astros to raise the ocean level an entire story above ground, and not the mere three feet it took to wash away my old home.

 Within a couple of weeks, I was able to gather enough fish to buy myself a toilet and sleeping bag. It's such a relief to have some necessities of my own again.

 I don't talk to the latest newspaper girl, I don't want to do anything that will cause myself or anyone else to get in trouble.

 I'm so lonely.

 Two more months have passed, and I mark time by the things I'm able to buy. A new sink, fridge, dining table and chairs make me ecstatic. I never realized before what a simple pleasure it is to sit down and eat at a table. Its wonderful.

 Six months have gone by, and now I have a computer! Maybe I"ll be able to communicate with someone, anyone....

 Nope. Until I consent to a Astro-approved spouse, all I can do is buy things.
"Ha, ha!"
"Shut up, you in the fishbowl!"

 Fishing continues to go well. I can do this all by myself. I don't need a Sim to talk to, I can talk to the fish just fine. I will not be a brood mare and take whoever they pick for me!

Month 7....
 I don't want to marry, I don't want to marry, I don't want to drag anyone else into this miserable mess  with me. I'll live and die alone. I won't let them break me. I can do this, I can do this.

 Month 8....
All is sadness and death. And what is the point? Ultimately, I will die too, and the fish will consume me instead! Even this juicy fish agrees.

 Month 9....
  "Keep smiling, keep smiling! If I keep on smiling, good things, will happen, for me!"

 "See!" (If I keep smiling, they don't win!)

 "Wow, a perfect jellyfish! Things are goin' my waaaay, todaaay!"

 "See Mr. Bunny, I told you I could you I got this down pat! No problems heeerrrreee! Hee, hee!"

*Whispers* "Tell you what Mr. Bunny, we'll play tag! The first one it when the sun goes down is a rotten egg!! Ha, ha, hee, hee, scamper up the tree!!"

Month 10...
 "But wait Mr. Bunny, where did you go? Come back and play with me! Is it cause of the rain? Nothings wrong with rain! Quit hiding and come play with me!"

"Oh, are yoo hidin'! I gots ya! I's find yoo Mr. Bunnie! Hee, hee,hee! Dis gonna be funz!"

Month 12.....
I woke this morning, hungry with no food in the fridge. According to the computer and my own disjointed memories, I've spent the last three months talking to a big pink bunny that doesn't exist.

 "Hello....yes....I'm ready. I, Tasha Williams, consent to enter a Marriage Contract. I agree to obey my husband in all matters except when the our Lords deem appropriate. Yes......I have a choice of three different lands to choose from?........ France, then."

 "Wait, it costs how much to port there? No, forget it then, just send me wherever is, it doesn't matter to me, I'll take care of that when I arrive. ETA ten minutes? Thank you, I'll be ready."

 So I guess this is it. What a hypocrite I am. I told myself I could live alone for the rest of my life, but I couldn't make it two years. A husband, children on this tiny, claustrophobic island? How is this going to work?

 My future husband, who I'm about to meet.......I'm so sorry.

Sorry about that empty blog post. To be honest, I'm not sure how that happened. I'll be sure to double and triple check to make sure the right thing gets posted next time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gen 1 Chapter 2

  Another morning. I'm tired, I can't seem to sleep. The near constant daylight is messing with me. I need to expand my little lodge so I can sleep inside, but its hard going. I was barely able to pay last months bills and I fish eighteen hours a day. Nothing useful has washed on shore so far, but I'm hopeful I'll get something eventually.

I'm going to take a break today and do some swimming. Since I found myself here two months ago, all I've concerned myself with is food and shelter. I feel I've stabilized myself enough to take a day off. I wonder how far out I can go, if I'll be allowed to buy a boat, maybe find a trading post, be able to interact with other sims. Normally I deeply enjoy my solitude, but the isolation is starting to get to me. A pet would be nice, but what if it suffers because I don't have enough room out here to stretch its legs? I'd feel terrible about that, just dragging another living being into this miserable situation. I don't want that, not for an animal or another sim. I'm going to hold out for as long as I can, I have to. I don't want anyone else to suffer.

  After breakfast, its time. It feels good, getting back into the ocean, like I'm still connected to my old life. I've missed this, the feel of cool water sliding across my skin, of teeming life around me, the vast, mysterious depths with myriad possibilities. I love it.

    Time to go. I wonder how far I'll get today?

    Not very far. I got to swim for fifteen minutes before I was stopped.

    The horizon is infinite, but its an illusion. I've run into some kind of invisible forcefield. I can't swim past it no matter how hard I try. I tried everything, striking it, jumping over it (I'm desperate), and diving as far underwater as I could. I failed. Water flows fine past the barrier, but nothing else. This means I'm completely isolated, but that's not the worst of it. My fish supply may be finite, I can no longer depend on it as a permanent source of food and income. Looks like I'll have to travel soon whether I like it or not. Obtaining seeds may be the only way to live.

    I spent the rest of the day swimming around the barrier, hoping to find a hole, somewhere fish may enter. I found nothing.  Dejected, I swim back to the little island to find the sunset and nothing else. The water has mysteriously risen and covered the island, washing away everything I had. I add more salt water to the ocean.

I found these pictures on Google drive, and decided to use them. Why not?

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Its been awhile....

To all those who were coming back to check on any updates, thank you. I haven't posted in long time mainly due to my motherboard unexpectedly failing on me, and other things taking precedence over getting my computer back online. Hopefully now, I can update on a schedule, which should be once every two weeks. I lost everything when my mobo went, but I wasn't far into this, so it should be okay. Tasha may look a little different though. Again, thank you for your time.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Gen 1 Chapter 1

 Its been a week since the Astros granted me this extremely small bit of land. Since then I've fished everyday for as long as I can keep my eyes open, in the hopes that I can cover the bills when they come in three weeks. I have no idea how they will be calculated, so I can't hazard a guess as to how much they will be, nor what they may take if I come up short. Until I do, I can't buy anything extra, not even a much needed set of clothes. Sigh. With that in mind, I get up and face the day.

 This morning, there is a surprise on my shore. A cute little girl pops in. "Good Morning Landowner," she says in a formal voice, "My name is Anallese, and I bring you important news from our Great and Glorious Astronautical Sim United Federation. We know you welcome these wonderful tidings to your large--"

"-- sprawling.......shores?" Anallese blinks and shakes her head. "They actually consider this land? My bathroom is bigger than this!"
I fight to keep the sneer off my face. Thanks for the smartass comment kid. "Well," I reply in a patient tone, "it may be small, but with the Great Astros stabilizing the waves and storms for me, it's easier than fighting the hurricanes, water sprouts, tsunamis, - - "
"I understand Madam Sim," she said, walking forward, "but if they gave you a Weather Shield, how come they didn't- -"

    She doesn't finish her sentence. She screams instead.

"Please O Great and Powerful Astronautical Sims, forgive this stupid one for asking questions! It's none of my business and I'm sorry! I won't say another word to anyone, I swear! Please, please let me walk around again! I'm so sorry......"   Poor girl begged for another hour before they teleported her away.

The entire time she was crying, I dared not interfere. If the Astros can so callously punish a child for asking questions, what would they do to me if I decided to leave this place? I'd heard stories of how incredibly cruel they are, and those were hard for me to believe, but to actually see a child melded into the ground? This is frightening in so many ways. The level of technology to perform that feat, to keep her alive and functioning....what can I possibly do against something like this?  I shiver, trying to disguise it by moving my rod. The fact that I'm marooned on this island with no memory of how I got here.... is it really just coincidence? If so, did I stumble into a trap, the shield keeping me in as it keeps the harsher weather out? If not, why me? I'm no one. I was an average fisherwoman making a living out of the sea. I can't think of anything that I may have said or did to make me special, or stand out.

I plaster a fake smile on my face. It's only a theory, but....I think they're watching. How else was the girl so quickly punished? A sim could argue the Astros were listening through the embedded chips all sims have installed when born, but.....I'm no expert, but to sink a small child into the ground before she can finish her sentence takes precision. It has to. The Astros live in ringed stations orbiting the planet, there's no way to do that just by sound or GPS coordinates. If this is the case, I'm well and truly trapped with no way out. Doomed to a life of servitude to an inhumane group of people.

The thought depress me, and I use the excuse of the light rain to head inside. I leave the newspaper where it is. I don't think I'll ever be able to do anything but throw them in the garbage.