Monday, January 5, 2015

Gen 1 Chapter 1

 Its been a week since the Astros granted me this extremely small bit of land. Since then I've fished everyday for as long as I can keep my eyes open, in the hopes that I can cover the bills when they come in three weeks. I have no idea how they will be calculated, so I can't hazard a guess as to how much they will be, nor what they may take if I come up short. Until I do, I can't buy anything extra, not even a much needed set of clothes. Sigh. With that in mind, I get up and face the day.

 This morning, there is a surprise on my shore. A cute little girl pops in. "Good Morning Landowner," she says in a formal voice, "My name is Anallese, and I bring you important news from our Great and Glorious Astronautical Sim United Federation. We know you welcome these wonderful tidings to your large--"

"-- sprawling.......shores?" Anallese blinks and shakes her head. "They actually consider this land? My bathroom is bigger than this!"
I fight to keep the sneer off my face. Thanks for the smartass comment kid. "Well," I reply in a patient tone, "it may be small, but with the Great Astros stabilizing the waves and storms for me, it's easier than fighting the hurricanes, water sprouts, tsunamis, - - "
"I understand Madam Sim," she said, walking forward, "but if they gave you a Weather Shield, how come they didn't- -"

    She doesn't finish her sentence. She screams instead.

"Please O Great and Powerful Astronautical Sims, forgive this stupid one for asking questions! It's none of my business and I'm sorry! I won't say another word to anyone, I swear! Please, please let me walk around again! I'm so sorry......"   Poor girl begged for another hour before they teleported her away.

The entire time she was crying, I dared not interfere. If the Astros can so callously punish a child for asking questions, what would they do to me if I decided to leave this place? I'd heard stories of how incredibly cruel they are, and those were hard for me to believe, but to actually see a child melded into the ground? This is frightening in so many ways. The level of technology to perform that feat, to keep her alive and functioning....what can I possibly do against something like this?  I shiver, trying to disguise it by moving my rod. The fact that I'm marooned on this island with no memory of how I got here.... is it really just coincidence? If so, did I stumble into a trap, the shield keeping me in as it keeps the harsher weather out? If not, why me? I'm no one. I was an average fisherwoman making a living out of the sea. I can't think of anything that I may have said or did to make me special, or stand out.

I plaster a fake smile on my face. It's only a theory, but....I think they're watching. How else was the girl so quickly punished? A sim could argue the Astros were listening through the embedded chips all sims have installed when born, but.....I'm no expert, but to sink a small child into the ground before she can finish her sentence takes precision. It has to. The Astros live in ringed stations orbiting the planet, there's no way to do that just by sound or GPS coordinates. If this is the case, I'm well and truly trapped with no way out. Doomed to a life of servitude to an inhumane group of people.

The thought depress me, and I use the excuse of the light rain to head inside. I leave the newspaper where it is. I don't think I'll ever be able to do anything but throw them in the garbage.

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