Monday, January 4, 2016

Gen 1, ch 5

Well....its time. I move forward and stop. This is the first step into my future. I could be bound to a mate by this time tomorrow. I inhale shakily to calm the fluttering in my stomach. I want tonight to go well, but I'm not sure what that means. Will I like Bao Louie, or will I be forced to try for someone else? Even if I like Bao, his Loyalist tendencies will definitely clash mine decidedly with my anti Astros policies. Many different thoughts fill my head like cotton, I need to clear it somehow. I'll think about what to do while I go to Sima Zhi's shop and get my outfit.

I'm about 45 minutes early, but the leisurely walk to the shop and dressing did nothing to help calm my nerves. I hope some energetic dancing will help instead. When I meet Bao Louie, I want it to be without all this nervous energy and with clarity.

There are already others here asking probing questions about me. Wow lady, you really think I'm going to answer that? I smile and pretend I didn't hear.

It's been a long time since I've commanded the attention of all the men in the room. I've forgotten how good this feels......


Bao Louie is late. I thought senility didn't start until a sim is an Elder. How long am I supposed to wait for him? This is humiliating and I try to smile through it.

Now it's so late the moon is out. Forget this guy, if he can't be bothered to be here on time, then he must not be interested. Bao may have actually done me a favor.....I see someone else I can try for.

"Hey handsome, I live on a tropical island!"
I hear nasty, feminine laughing behind me, and I get the feeling that she's laughing at me. I'm not sure why, but I put it to the back of my mind for now. If I'm going to reel in this fish, then I have to put out the best possible bait. I sway my hips at my new prospect.

"Interested in hearing more about it?"

 "Sure, I'm Zhan Su. It's nice to meet you!"
 "Hi Zhan, I'm Tasha! Come closer so we can have a proper conversation!"

"Hey, you're very handsome up close!" I make sure to put an extra note of admiration in my tone. He blushes and giggles looking shy, and that makes me laugh. He looks younger than me, but that's not a bad thing.......

"So, like I was saying, I live on a tropical island. The water is so clear you can see the bottom, and the way it sparkles during sunrise........."

I've arrived, finally. The roads were terrible coming back into town and I.......

Xi?'re here? I take a deep breath of fresh air. She smiles that beautiful smile, and..........I know that smile. You're happy, supremely confident, and self assured. Why? Why are you so certain I'll stay and choose to be happy being your cicisbeo? Why I would be content to stand by, watching a man who used to be my friend, raise my daughter? Don't you know me at all, Xi?
The air deflates from my lungs.  Don't you know why I can't tolerate a life like that?  What does this Tasha look like, that you find yourself so assured? I look for someone who doesn't belong and.....

She's....gorgeous. A thousand thoughts push through my mind at once. Xi, this time you're the overconfident one. Tasha Williams huh?

I can't meet you looking like this.

She hasn't noticed my arrival, absorbed as she is in Zhan's attentions.

 I dive into the restroom before she does notice.

Bao Louie is very late. I wonder if something has happened to him? Should I ask Li about it? He seems know him very well. I'll say something after this song is over.

Long hair to help mask the wrinkles. A beard to help hide laugh lines. Rejuvenated skin to lift the effects of aging even further. Trendy foreign clothes to prove my willingness to conform to a different culture. One last thing remains.... attitude. With her beauty alone, Tasha is an attractive prospect to any unattached male in Shang Simla. Add her land and the chance to forge a dynasty, with possibilities to exponentially increase wealth, and she can literally have any male in Shang Simla she wants. I need to convince her I'm the one, and I can't do that as I am now, back bent with humiliation and shame. No one wants a broken mate, so I won't ask her to accept that from me.
I'm surprised by how much I want this, what she represents. It won't be the life I wanted with Xi, but  if Tasha and I can get along, why not? It might be a better life for me than the one I have now.

Tasha Williams get ready. Your husband is coming to greet you.

Hello and Happy New Year everyone! I owe you guys two more posts, and I will get them out before the month is up. I'm putting up a warning: after this post, this blog will be for 18+ readers only. Sorry to any underage readers who were enjoying this story.