Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gen 1, ch6 p2

"Bao Louie of Shang Simla, upon final rejection of your suite by your Matron, you will have the honor to be used as nourishment for Our livestock. Any last thoughts will be recorded now."
"......I have none Great Lords."
"Understood. Your atomization and restructuring will be preformed one second after formal rejection  is verbalized."
There is a feeling of intense heat in my head for a fleeting second. The Lords are so sure she's going to reject me they've disabled my implants. I can't stop shaking. Food. For animals. I'll be food. For animals......

I spend the time until dawn redoubling my efforts to convince her. 

It looks as if I've failed.

"Listen Bao....."

"You're a very handsome man, I'm sure you'll find some sim who will cherish you."

"I'm sorry Bao,but I choose--"

It was the only thing I could think to do. I pour my entire self into it. Respond to me, please.

She does. Thank the Lords, she does.

"Who do you choose, Tasha?"

"You Bao Louie. I choose you."

"You won't regret this, I promise."


"Ready beautiful?" I fight to keep my hands steady and my voice calm and happy. I'm not safe until we're Bound.

"I, Bao Louie, do swear in the Sight and Hearing of Our Great Lords the Astros to be Bound to you, to obey and support you in all ways until the sun sets on my last Day."

"I, Tasha Williams, do swear in the Sight and Hearing of Our Great Lords the Astros to be Bound to you, to protect and provide for you and our progeny until the sun sets on my last Day."

I pour all my joy and relief into this kiss. With this, I won't become fodder for livestock. My relief is so great I can barely catch my breath.

"Hello Mr. Williams."
"Hello Mrs. Williams."

"There's just one more thing left to do."
I look at her. "What is it?"

Not that I'm complaining, but, "What if someone sees?"

"Who cares?"

Not- - oh dear Lords, she's so- - shit!

I want more- - give me more.

Yes! Fuck!!

I want to go deeper.

I cum yelling at the top of my lungs. Here's to the first of many attempts to have a child.

We're both fully dressed before I look outside and realize....."Did we really- - ?"

"Yes, we did...." my beautiful, amazing wife answers.

"We literally fucked the entire day away." She sounds as amazed as I feel.

And I laugh into a sunset I didn't think I would see.

It's been eight months since I last posted a chapter, sorry! I'm not sure where the time went. I really want to tell this story, so I will endeavor to update more than twice a year. Really. I will.

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